The Dutch EU_CUL partners participated in one of these sessions, called “Enabling

Archaeology”. The session addresses inclusivity and diversity in archaeology,

and how the sector can be made accessible for everyone.

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19 November, 2020

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On 18 June, the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands and “Erfgoedacademie” organized a Studium Generale on the future of Archaeology post Covid-19. In response, EU_CUL member Miyuki Kerkhof contributed to the discussion that in reconstruction efforts, the importance of a socially responsible archaeological sector is crucial. Our relevance and vitality depends on our ability to address societal issues, by including communities in participatory research, educating students that are able to address and solve different challenges, while promoting inclusivity and diversity which ensures broad support for cultural heritage management.

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18 June, 2020


Arte & Género at the Academia de España

EU_CUL member Dr Clotilde Lechuga participated in the conference "Arte y Genero" (Academia de Espana, Rome) where she approached EU_CUL project from a gender perspective. For more details click here

08 March, 2019

EU_CUL at the ESREA Triennial Conference in Belgrade, Serbia


From 19 to 22 September, 2019 the EU_CUL partners organized a symposium in the

framework of the triennial conference of ESREA, held in Belgrade, Serbia.

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