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Maria Persson

Maria is a researcher at the Department of historical studies, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. She has a PhD in Archaeology from University of Gothenburg (2014). The scope of her doctoral thesis was archaeology of the recent past as a field of research with emphasis on the development of methodology and the public potential that is inherent in this perspective. Her main areas of research are Archaeology of the Recent Past, Modern Conflict Archaeology, War Heritage, and Heritage Studies. She has run several projects investigating the interaction between conflicts, materiality and heritage. Another scope of research is heritage communication, especially when it comes to experiencing heritage and heritage tourism. She teach and supervise in public outreach and archaeology, heritage studies and archaeology of the recent past.


Adrianna Nizinska

Adrianna is a Senior Lecturer, at the Department of Education and Special Education, Faculty of Education, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. She is a co-convenor of ESREA network Access, Learning Careers and Identities and a member of ESREA Steering Committee. She has published and researched on adult learning in higher education, non-traditional students and social dimensions of European universities.

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