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Miyuki Kerkhof

Miyuki holds a BA in Archaeology (2017) and an MA cum laude in Archaeological Heritage Management (2019), both from Leiden University. Her special interests are in heritage diplomacy and global governance, human rights and gender issues. These interests are informed by her previous tenure as liaison officer at the UN Agency for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women). Her BA research consisted of analyzing gender representations of archaeological reconstructions in Dutch elementary school books. Her MA thesis discusses the clash between cultural rights and women’s rights within the context of Japanese heritage management and the ambiguous role of UNESCO herein. 


Monique Van Den Dries

Monique is associate professor at the Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden  University (Netherlands) and is specialised in heritage studies and archaeological heritage management. She worked for fifteen years at cultural heritage institutions (e.g. Dutch Heritage Agency and Heritage Inspectorate) before she returned to academia. She teaches (international) BA and MA courses and supervises PhD-studies in cultural heritage. Her research focuses on the various aspects of ‘Public Archaeology’ and relates to impacts of (international) cultural heritage policies in terms of social inclusion, empowerment and sustainability. She participated in several EU-funded projects: Archaeology in Contemporary Europe (Culture Programme 2007-2013); Discovering the Archaeologists of Europe 2012-2014 (Lifelong-learning Program); Heritage Values  (JPI Cultural Heritage and Global Change); NEARCH: New scenarios for a community involved archaeology (Culture Programme 2007-2013). Currently she represents the Netherlands in an Erasmus+-project (EU-CUL) that focuses on social responsibility in higher education and to what degree it utilizes or is grounded in cultural heritage. She was vice-president of the European Association of Archaeologists (2009-2015) and currently serves several editorial (advisory) boards (e.g. Journal of Community Archaeology and Heritage).  

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Hidde Moerland

Hidde is currently an MA student at the University of Leiden with a specialisation in ‘Heritage and Museum Studies’ and ‘Heritage Management in a World Context’. He holds a propaedeutic diploma for the History Teacher Education at Windesheim and a BSc cum laude in Archaeology from Saxion (2018), two Universities of Applied Sciences. His BSc thesis focused on the wishes and needs of history teachers regarding archaeological heritage education. In 2019 he started on his MA thesis, which focuses on the promotion and implementation of heritage education in the curriculum of lower secondary schools in the municipality of Leiden. Simultaneously, he worked on the EU-CUL project by contributing to output four, an academic course curriculum with the aim to strengthen the social engagement and responsibility of universities in their local environment. These topics are influenced by his broad research interests in (pre-)history, archaeology, and heritage, three disciplines that he wants to advance, enhance, and promote via public outreach and meaningful education that can benefit society.

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Maria Stefani

Maria is a research master’s student at the faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University, following the track “Archaeological heritage in a globalizing world”. She holds a bachelor’s in History and Archaeology (Archaeology) from the University of Cyprus (2017).

Her personal research interests are in the various ways that values, meanings and symbolisms that people attach to cultural heritage are generated, manipulated and/or altered in relation to sociopolitical context and other actors. For her thesis, she investigates how and to what extent Greek Cypriots’ perception of their cultural heritage has changed/ is changing because of the prolonged conflict on the island. Moreover, she examines if and how peace-building and reconciliation initiatives that involve cultural heritage preservation could help to address or solve the conflict.

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